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thegoalcrease's Journal

The Goal Crease
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In light of there being various communities tributed to people who admire particular players and goalies, this community was started for people who are players and goalies. From people who play recreational to people who play in the NHL (unlikely they'd join, but just as welcome), from street players to ice players, and from your budding novice to your seasoned veteran, all are welcome to join.

Feel free to join to discuss hockey news, organize games or teams in your area, and let us know how well certain equipment rates with you.

This is an open community and will be moderated only if a member is out of line. The only rule I offer here is to use common sense so everyone can enjoy using this community.

Opinions are yours and you're free to express them. However, there is a difference between expression and abuse. As long as there is no abuse to other members, everyone is cool to say what they feel.